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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

AuthShield is a first OATH certified company in India, and Our security team has always been focused on innovating and creating the latest technology and solutions to meet the needs of our customers

Ease of integration and installation

AuthShield is a strong authentication system with easiest integration and installation with existing infrastructure. Organizations can easily integrate AuthShield cloud infrastructure completely on their own. They only need to download tokens, integrate as per the integration manual and they are ready to go.

Strong Authentication to prevent Identity Theft and other frauds

A non aware user has become the favorite target for hacking attacks all across the world. Spear Phishing, Banking Trojans, Malwares etc are all targeting the end user. AuthShield ensures that your users can carry out their transactions without any fear of identity theft in the back of their minds

Regulatory Requirement

AuthShield two-factor authentication helps organizations meet regulatory requirements including

  • ISO 27001
  • SAS 70 Compliance

Integration PlugIns

AuthShield Two factor Authentication can be easily integrated with almost any application for enhanced security. These include but are not limited to web applications (via web services SDK with client libraries available in Python, ruby, .Net, PHP, JSP etc), VPN (SSL / ipSec), any RADIUS speaking device or service

Multiple Form Factors

AuthShield has eliminated one of the biggest hassles in Two Factor Authentication by integrating multiple form factors (Hard Token, Desktop Token, Mobile Token, One Touch Authentication, SMS Token etc) in one Authentication server.

AuthShield is the only organization to have both OATH as well as PKCS token running in parallel. An organization can pick and choose any of the form factors for different users. As a result, an organization can create a heterogeneous Two Factor Authentication system with different sets of users.

Encryption and Privacy

All transactions are encrypted using strong SSL encryption thereby providing mutual authentication and privacy for all transactions

Simple Administration

AuthShield offers a multi-tenant architecture which can be accessed from any browser. Users can enrol themselves and easily integrate with the authentication service. Organizations can set up their own set of policies including overriding Two Factor Authentication for specific users. An audit trail is kept for all transactions including administrative actions

Possible Integration with Risk Based Transaction Algorithm

It is possible to integrate AuthShield 2FA with a customized Risk Based Transaction Algorithm. RBTA algorithm is customized as per the client needs to alert in case of attempted frauds or fraudulent authentication transactions

Competitive Costs

AuthShield is significantly cheaper than any other authentication service in the industry with cost differences of as much as 40% despite providing a superior form of product and service. Simple and easy price set up ensures that there are no hidden charges

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