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OTP Tokens

OTP Tokens


AuthShield soft token is a convenient form factor installed on the laptop / desktop itself. The token generates a new password after fixed intervals of time. The user enters the password generated by the soft token as a secondary form of authentication. The soft token is highly popular among organizations as it ensures that the users do not need to carry any extra devices to authenticate themselves

How it Works

AuthShield soft Token generates a new Password after fixed intervals of time. The token uses a unique algorithm which combines with time and a seed to generate a six digit numerical password every ninety six (96) seconds. The password is unique to every user


Each device is in sync with the server based on Time i.e. the server uses the same algorithm to validate the passwords entered by the user at that point in time.

Integration Architecture

Seamless Integration

A Software Development Kit (SDK) is also available which enables direct integration with AuthShield cloud services. SDK can also be used to build AuthShield Two Factor Authentication into application’s sign-in or transaction processes, thereby leveraging application’s existing user database.

AuthShield Soft Token

  • No extra devices
  • Simple deployment model and minimal required infrastructure
  • One Token can be used for authentication to multiple applications
  • Tokens can be quickly reassigned among users
  • Easy administration of tokens for remote users
  • No user information apart from user names is required for Two Factor Authentication

Integration Points – Details on Integration points

AuthShield Soft Token can be used to provide Two Factor Authentication for on-premises applications such as remote access VPNs, UNIX / SSH, Web as well as cloud applications, emails, Active Directory Login, Financial transactions, ERP Solutions and much more.

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