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Most of our digital information today is protected by using a single factor of authentication i.e. User Name and Password. Protecting this information which varies from personal and private information stored in remote systems, mail accounts, social networks etc to professional and financial data of an organization has become the single most important task for the users today.

AuthShield Multi Factor Authentication enables users to secure their logins and transactions using their Two methods of authentication

The second factor of authentication is a One Time Password provided to the user through multiple form factors

Based on his convenience, a user can choose any of the form factors as his secondary form of authentication. All kind of devices including Hard Token, Mobile Push and Mobile Token (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and windows phone) are fully supported. For old handsets, Authshield offers the user SMS Token or Voice Token as a form of authentication where a SMS with the One Time password is sent to the user or a call made to his handset where a user just presses a button on their keypad to authenticate.

An organization can easily mix and match and choose specific form factors for different users. AuthShield’s authentication server supports all the form factors and allows users the flexibility to shift from one form factor to another.

How it works

AuthShield’s second form of authentication works in multiple ways. The user initially enters his user name and password as always. Once the primary password is authenticated, the user is prompted to enter his One Time Password. The One Time password could be generated using AuthShield Mobile Token, AuthShield Hard Token, AuthShield Soft Token or the user could use AuthShield Push Token to authenticate via any of the smart phones including iPhone, Blackberry, Android devices, Windows phones etc.

For old handsets, user could opt for SMS / Call Token to authenticate.

AuthShield supports diverse user bases by allowing users to authenticate with whatever form factor suits most. Some users prefer AuthShield Mobile authentication (AuthShield Push, AuthShield Mobile Token, SMS / Call token) while other prefer to authenticate via a hard or soft token.


The entire authentication process is transparent where the primary password of the user is never visible to AuthShield server. AuthShield server only receives the user name and one time password thereby ensuring users privacy.


AuthShield can be integrated with multiple integration points including VPN, Web applications, Unix / SSH, corporate mail, desktop mail clients etc in less than thirty minutes.


AuthShield uses its multiple servers hosted around the world to ensure fail over and High Availability across the client spectrum. The servers are hosted by ISO 27001 certified data centers with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

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