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Why Multifactor Authentication

Why Multifactor Authentication

“If you were a hacker, will you try and beat the perimeter security of an organization or target the user base that may not be security conscious”

Many organizations today prompt a user to enter only a user name and password before granting access to corporate databases, email accounts and other sensitive information. However, these passwords can be easily broken into. Hackers all over the world are using different techniques ranging from spear Phishing to Man in Middle attacks to capture user details. This crime more commonly known as Identity theft is one of the fastest growing white collar crimes in the world.

As we move further into this digital age, it has become imperative for organizations to protect their critical information as well as the information of their user base from outsiders. Furthermore, there is no way of identifying the user who has actually logged into the system since the password may be shared between multiple users.

Hackers are using user name and passwords to steal data from corporate databases, SAP modules, corporate mails, credit card and other financial data, government secrets and much more.

Clearly, Passwords are not enough!!

Why Two Factor Authentication?

The strongest and full proof safety against Identity Theft is Two Factor Authentication.

Two factor Authentication depends on Something you know (user name and password) and Something you have in physical possession (AuthShield Hard Token, AuthShield Push, AuthShield Mobile Token, AuthShield Soft Token, SMS / Call token)

AuthShield supports diverse user bases by allowing users to authenticate with whatever form factor suits most. Some users prefer AuthShield Mobile authentication (AuthShield Push, AuthShield Mobile Token, SMS / Call token) while other prefer to authenticate via a hard or soft token.

Support for multiple methods ensures that users can always be reached for additional authentication.

Protect yourself!!

AuthShield offers its users the most convenient Two Factor Authentication solution ever!

  • Simple and easy set up
  • Choose from among multiple form factors available
  • Works in all scenarios
  • Cost effective, reliable and secure

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