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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

These days many organizations protect their local and remote logins with a simple username and password. Just by entering these two pieces of information anybody can access their private and important data very easily. As criminals become savvier, it’s even more important for businesses & enterprises to ensure their approach of data protection is as meticulous as possible. Passwords can easily be cracked, guessed, key locked and leaked. Certainly passwords are not enough for protecting important data.

AuthShield provides two-factor authentication which guarantees security and protection to your data. It adds an additional layer of security to your account. The most effective way to strengthen authentication is to require a second factor after the username/password stage. AuthShield is the most practical platform that fits a wide range of enterprise business needs. AuthShield can also be integrated to a range of enterprise applications whether it is VPN based, Web based or Application based. Most of the user and admin activities are automated that reduces the efforts of admin as well as support staff reducing HelpDesk costs hence it is

  • Cost-effective
  • Very reliable
  • Highly secure

AuthShield helps organizations to meet ISO 27001 requirements.

As per ISO 27001 Controls “A.11.1.1: Access Control Policy”, “A.11.4.1 Policy on use of network service”, it is recommended to implement two-factor authentication for remote access logins for employees and administrators. Implementing AuthShield helps organizations to meet requirements and also protect the organization from identity theft i.e. you can protect all of your critical platforms, applications, and devices. Deployment is fast and coherent unlike traditional two-factor authentication alternatives.

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