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Government Enterprises

Government Enterprises

State and local governments across the country are facing number of hacking attacks hence public sector departments are increasing their security controls for their technology infrastructure day by day. But it is becoming more critical than ever to make sure the sensitive data is being accessed by the right people in the right way. Passwords can be cracked and hacked easily. Therefore, in securing the infrastructure, the first step that needs to perform is to implement two-factor authentication to close the weak vulnerabilities that are exposed by ‘password based authentications’.

Government agencies need to have in place systems to investigate millions of online messages hence the officials expect agency information systems to acknowledge quickly with an enhanced ability to recognize the patterns of crime and problem areas. That is why, law enforcement agencies need to improve their information systems to better analyze and use the data they collect.

To fight against the threat of unlawful and unethical elements using the Internet to plan and carry out their activities, AuthShield offers a complete range of information security services for intelligence gathering in a single pack.

AuthShield IDAS Two-Factor Authentication can-

  • Protect all the servers which carry confidential data and which hosts the Public Sector websites and other public utility applications.
  • Supports complex infrastructure deployed in and between state, county, and local governments.
  • It maintains confidentiality of email communication that happens between Public Sector officials and also makes sure it’s reaching in the right hands.

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