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According to the latest reports Small business enterprises, or SME are the first and foremost targets of cybercriminals and hackers especially those with 500 employees or less. Hackers have begun to shift their focus from large-scale to smaller SMEs, as they are more vulnerable that can be broken easily and repeatedly and common username and password present the important security vulnerabilities. This is primary because static passwords can be easily hacked, leaked, and cracked. Hence, it poses a great threat to organization’s confidential data and resources very easily.

All the SME’s have aggressive growth and revenue goals with limited resources at disposal. Thus, solutions that ensure the safety of the network and its users have to be compelled to have lower total value of possession. Traditional static passwords present the largest security vulnerability for any SME’s Business.

AuthShield’s Strong 2-factor Authentication provides high-level security to organization’s key resources at a cost that can be affordable to organization of any size.

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