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Bringing Big Data Analytics to the Tax World - A Case Study on Forensic Data Analysis for Income Tax Unit

The utilization of digital forensics has become a vital instrument in today's landscape, where electronic devices house an abundance of personal and confidential information. The expanding realm of digital technology has led to a surge in crimes that involve digital evidence, rendering traditional paper trail investigation methods inadequate. Thus, the practice of digital forensics has become an indispensable component in legal matters that involve the use of digital evidence to resolve intricate issues.


Through the utilization of cutting-edge digital forensics tools, the collection, examination, and interpretation of these digital assets offer a key role in unravelling the truth and resolving digital offences. The investigation of these subtle tracks leads to the revelation of hidden truths. Digital forensics, with its ability to better gather, analyse and interpret digital evidence. Became a must in the time-sensitive segregation of information using the critical tool in this era of ubiquitous digital storage of personal and sensitive information.


One of our esteemed clients, a revenue enforcement agency, holds the responsibility of enforcing proper tax collection and thwarting financial misdemeanours such as tax fraud. However, with the upsurge in digital technology and the intricacy of financial dealings, the department encounters substantial difficulties in detecting and examining probable criminal activities. The sheer volume of data, which surpasses 17+ TB, compounds the challenge, as it encompasses various financial information in various forms, such as bank records, original documents, and email and message archives, among others. The data is stored in multiple formats, adding an additional layer of complexity to the examination process.

In consideration of these obstacles, the revenue enforcement agency acknowledges the significance of utilizing cutting-edge digital forensics methods and tools to analyse and comprehend massive amounts of data. The implementation of digital forensics solutions will empower the department to gather, examine, and interpret digital proof in a structured and organized manner, ensuring the admissibility of the evidence in a court of law and providing the department with the capacity to uncover concealed connections, patterns, and critical insights from the data, enabling them to identify and neutralize potential financial crimes.

Argus, an Innefu conception, being a premier provider of digital forensics solutions, offers a comprehensive array of services. Purpose-built to de-clutter and aid the revenue enforcement agency in combating financial crimes, these services encompass computer forensics, mobile forensics, imaging and analysis, and advanced AI-based techniques such as machine learning. The centralized solution offered by Argus provides a comprehensive framework for digital forensics investigations and enables the integration of data from various sources, creating a unified source of truth.


At Innefu, we are proud to have implemented our flagship application, the "Argus - Forensic Analytical Toolkit Premium," to offer cutting-edge solutions to our valued clients. The toolkit leverages advanced algorithms and techniques to process massive amounts of data and deliver highly relevant insights.

Key Achievements: As a result of the deployment, the system demonstrated impressive performance metrics, including:

  • The identification of numerous instances of potential money laundering activities across multiple jurisdictions.
  • The detection of over 100 Permanent Account Numbers (PANs) involved in suspicious financial transactions.
  • The uncovering of correlations between key individuals through the analysis of chat logs and email communications.

In Summary: The successful deployment of Innefu's "Argus" has proven to be a powerful asset to our client, delivering meaningful insights that aid in the detection of financial crimes. With its robust data processing capabilities, the toolkit has proven to be an indispensable tool in the client's efforts to ensure proper tax collection and compliance with regulatory requirements

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