Command and Control Centre

A command and control centre is considered to be the core for managing disasters, respond to inconsistent conditions and various operations in a city. It is even referred to as ‘situation room.’ It is the place where the overall operations of an organization like monitoring, controlling and commanding are carried out. This characteristically secure room is mostly a part of those organizations which calls for the requirement to handle various operations. The CCCs (command and control centre) serves its purpose not only to the Government, Military Agencies etc but also to the Departments of Police & Fire, Universities and Utility Companies and much more. To collect vital information, the important communications and systems are connected in such centre. It further helps in sharing of decisive commands, warnings, and alerts quite flawlessly in huge numbers.

What is Integrated Command and Control Centre?

For management of operations, management of disasters and handling of exceptions on daily basis the foremost and important source/ intelligence is provided by Integrated Command and Control Center or the ICCC. Data of complex nature are processed at a comprehensive level. Thus, it provides intelligence for formulating policies and better planning. Information and data are collected through various sensors and applications which are positioned across a certain location. After the analysis of information or data some suitable and workable details are put forward to act upon.

In India recently, the Integrated Command and Control Centre has been set up, in few cities, under the scheme of Smart Cities. With the help of network, necessary applications, sensors the objective of informed decision making would bring in a new perspective. When put into operation it becomes very important to measure the development of efficiency of the ICCCs. It needs to be done so to evaluate if the investments made do harvest adequate profits for the cities as well as for the citizens in times to come.

The question What is Integrated Command and Control Centre gets a simple answer. For the administrators it operates as a Decision Support System, which would take decisive action after analyzing data collected from various sources. This integrated centre having diverse mechanism and level is more like a platform of decision making.

There are quite a few uses of ICCC:

  • Raise awareness of circumstances among civic administrators by setting up the required devices and applications.
  • It can bring together all the different departments of a government, to regulate better result.
  • Start making decisions that are motivated by data in the time of emergency or during normal operation.
  • It can help to connect with the supporting workforce to tackle the on-field grievances and problems.
  • Customary processes are regulated to respond to emergency situation.
  • For any emergency situation or usual operation, the ICCC creates an opportunity of decision making which is data-driven.

Command and Control Centre Solutions

Nowadays to improve the performance of an organization the use of technology is a very helpful approach. Modern technology can enable monitoring and controlling the important and costly assets, data and information and systems. These Command and Control Centre Solutions can be used in any of the control centre, meeting room or coordination facility. These solutions can enhance the functioning of vital resources and systems and also the key information related to business can be accessed on appropriate time.

An organization can achieve peace-of-mind, no difficulty, superiority, aptitude when they use result-oriented solutions. Such Command and Control Centre Solutions can be customized as per the requirements of an organization or its uniqueness. Solutions can also be developed for uncomplicated room control structure or even for extremely complicated ones.

The Command and Control Centre Solutions can gain effectiveness through the use of modern technology like Audio & Video technology which work as control systems. Other factors that can boost its effectiveness are the integration of some value-added services. The services required for Development and Designing, Installation, Training, Maintenance etc. Besides all of these, expertise of dedicated professionals is always needed for any solution to work productively.

Command and Control Centre Software

There are some committed professionals who are putting in their sincere efforts to make a city safe and secure. They are doing hard to deliver price worthy software having all the parameters of security. The software can enable a Command and Control Centre to deal with complex troubles and manage them by taking counteractive measures. The Command and Control Centre Software puts together the applications built technically and carry out the required actions to resolve it during the time of serious situation. These softwares are designed by professionals who are well versed in software development, electronics and other similar subjects.

The Command and Control Centre Software controls the related appliances, implements the approach system and gets the whole course of action to move forward. This software is often used in various activities by a Government, in military actions, by Space Agencies, Law & Order Enforcers and also in Commerce Sector due to its compatibleness. It can also used to monitor, control and protect assets.

Since, every sector functions differently from the other the requirement of such software also differs. Customizing Command and Control Centre Software as per the requirement of client is very crucial. It is meant to keep a close watch on every activity and ensure finest level of defense.


The Indian Government gets a big helping hand from the Innefu Labs. As the essential solutions are not created or developed by the governmental organizations relying on private firms is quite common. Innefu’s solutions are widely being used by the Border Security Force (BSF) and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). Innefu provides solutions to analyze any big collection of data and then draw out effective results. It has various tools to watch the activities in social media, analyze the big data and real-time face recognition. The solutions and software created by Innefu are being put into use to develop raw information. This further enables to assist organizations of intelligence and other LEAs.

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