Facial Recognition Software at Airports to ease congestion

The advancement of technology has given wings to security, enhancing the way systems work. One such system that has gathered momentum recently is called facial recognition, which is the new face of Artificial Intelligence. The latest inventions have occurred to make lives easy and more comfortable, with a bright future ahead. Airports are incorporating the facial recognition software to make security checks quicker and less of a hassle.

What is facial recognition?

Facial recognition is a biometric system to identify and authenticate a person’s identity by just his facial expressions. The face recognition software is designed in a manner that maps the facial features of a person and then stores it in its database. The image so stored is then used to match the person’s identity with that saved image.

With devices like the iPhone, facial recognition is a newly evolved feature to unlock your phone, with no need to enter a four-character password or a fingerprint. The technology involved isn’t very costly and involves less processing.

The face recognition software uses a deep learning algorithm to compare the image of an individual with the one stored in the database. If the live image matches with the stored image, then only the identity of the person is validated. If not, then he’s in trouble.

Facial recognition has emerged as one of the fastest methods to identify and verify an individual’s true identity, just by matching his/her face to the geometrical image saved in the database.

Features of face recognition system:

Facial Recognition

  • The face recognition software allows for one-to-one verification of a person that involves a live face detection, to identify whether the face in the camera matches that in the stored database.
  • One of the best options to recognize humans, the system has been a real player in detecting the human face and notifying if it’s fake.
  • Just by creating a geometrical and a mathematical image of a face around the eyes, nose, jaw and the cheekbones, the system identifies the face in front of the camera in within seconds.
  • The face recognition software can be incorporated in systems at public places for faster and realistic detection, minimizing the possibility of human error.
  • This intelligent invention is perfect to detect any suspicious activity in any public space, leaving no room for breach of security.

Face recognition at airports

A lot of countries have face recognition systems incorporated at airports, to make check-ins and check-outs easier and less time-consuming. The Dulles airport in Washington has installed the face recognition software to ease the identification process. In contrast to fingerprint or entering passwords, face recognition is a better recognition system that is independent and the safest because no two faces can have the exact features.

The measurement of the relative dimensions of a face by just clicking a picture is unique for each face and is hence highly reliable. Facial recognition at airports has been quite promising so far and takes half the time to verify identities of individuals that otherwise would not happen in the case of a boarding pass. The face recognition system at airports is the best way to confirm identities without having to enter passwords or passing various security checks. Your face is enough to verify your identity.

Not only the US, but many other countries also use the face recognition software as a part of their airport security systems, to make verification easy, without having to compromise with security. This system is not giving a fight to other biometrics software but is slowly emerging out to shine as the primary means of identification for security purposes.

Have a look at the various advantages of face recognition system:

  • No need for a boarding pass
    Face identification is all set to revolutionize the security checks at the airport and eliminate the need for a boarding pass. So you will not have to need a boarding pass or worry about losing it because the face recognition software will be employed at airports to confirm your identity. The technology so incorporated is to reduce human error and to make things work faster, to avoid long queues and make the security check a hassle-free procedure.
  • Non-contact nature
    The face recognition system is unique in the sense that the person doesn’t need to come in direct contact with the device employed to capture the geometrics of his/her face. Without having to touch the screen to be identified, the face recognition software uses a camera to capture the image and then make a comparison with the image saved in the database. With lesser processing involved, this quick technology identifies a face without having to get a fingerprint of the individual. The system detects an individual’s face from a distance and makes a quick comparison between the two ../images; allowing entry only if it’s a match.
  • Highly secure
    The only reasons why airports are employing this system are to maintain security. The face recognition software is a sure shot option at airports as no one can breach the security as the only way you can get through is by face detection. Since face geometrics differ from person to person, no one can break that level of security, with a system that involves a series of countless algorithms. So face recognition software is a highly secure option.
  • Cheap technology
    The one funny thing about the face recognition software is that it is not very expensive to install. It doesn’t require much installation costs and is a safe and secure method to avoid unauthorized entry to the airport. Effective and efficient are the two words that perfectly describe face recognition.
  • Accurate
    The face recognition system operates has proven to exhibit high accuracy and is perfect to be installed at airports. While a person can play with the customs by showing a fake passport, claiming it to be genuine, he/she cannot breach the security procedures with the face recognition system into play. The face recognition software is accurate enough to see whether the face matches with the image in the database and can restrict entry if there isn’t a match. So no one can enter illegally into a country with the help of facial recognition.

The future of face recognitionFacial Recognition Software

The face recognition system has emerged to be a user-friendly security system and is here to stay. India is also planning to incorporate the face recognition software at airports in the metropolitan cities for a start, to make security checks less of a headache, both for the people and the airport authorities. A lot of companies are coming into action and employing the face recognition software as a security system in their offices, the scale of which needs to be expanded. No compromises can be made when it comes to the security of a nation as a whole and face recognition is just the system that we need.


With the major motive to prevent any malicious activity directed towards terrorism, security needs to tighten and face recognition is the best way to help tackle that. With the growing popularity of the face recognition software, nearly all countries will be actively using the technology at their airports and other places for security checks in the years to come.

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