How AI Can Ensure Better Cyber Security?

Cyber security is one such matter where AI is continuously creating progress. Like in most other areas, AI enables the improvement of data processing. It also allows humans to ease out from prolonged tasks and concentrate on other significant subjects. AI is being implemented by the cyber security providers to assist in the prevention and prediction of cyber-attacks. On the other hand, cybercriminals are toiling hard to build automatic attacking methods based on AI. The AI technology is being integrated into numerous well-known services of cyber security like antivirus tools, cloud storage encryption, virtual private networks etc.

Lately, Artificial Intelligence has been playing an important role in dealing with cyber-attacks and cybercriminals. The security solutions or programs supported by AI are creating innovative and effortless approaches to ensure better cyber security. The motive of Artificial Intelligence is to understand, identify and put a stop to doubtful actions in a system. In order to achieve optimum effect, most organizations customize their structure of cyber security as per the needs.

Some of the major techniques on how AI can ensure better cyber security are discussed below.

1. Database Updating & Threat Recognizing:- AI is a big factor that enables the updating of databases for security reasons. AI would gather wide-ranging data out of various records and catalogs. The data gathered would be further analyzed to recognize threats. These threats or dangers are delivered by cybercriminals. AI is even capable of recognizing the trends of spyware, malware, and virus and to perform this it has to analyze the data from several channels. AI can identify threats more rapidly and prior to any harm being done to a bigger extent.

2. Recognize Uncharacteristic Action:- AI enables us to identify abnormal activity in a system. It is capable of verifying uncharacteristic action or abnormal activity by collecting an adequate amount of data by scanning a system continuously. AI also detects the occurrence of unauthorized access. Whenever any uncharacteristic action is detected, Artificial Intelligence uses specific factors to verify if it signifies a real danger or if it’s just a forged alarm. For AI to resolve what abnormal activity is and what is not, it takes assistance from Machine Learning. Machine Learning is also getting developed with time which would further enable Artificial Intelligence to identify even the trivial abnormalities. So, AI would be pointing towards anything erroneous running in the system.

3. Identification of Flaws:- AI helps to identify overflow of data in a buffer. Sometimes applications use additional data than normal which is known as buffer overflow. Other than that error made by human triggers breaching of key data. These slip-ups are also detectable by AI, that too in time which averts further risks. With Machine Learning, AI is able to exactly locate errors related to cyber security, bugs and other flaws. Machine Learning further helps AI to identify suspicious data that is sent from any application. The virus or malware used by a hacker to gain access to the systems and steal data is done through the vulnerabilities of programming languages.

4. Preventing Threats:- The cyber security providers are regularly developing the technology of Artificial Intelligence. AI in its advance form is supposed to identify a flaw in the system or even in the update. It would be further automatically turning away anyone to exploit those flaws. AI would serve as an impressive technique to avert any threat from taking place. It can put in extra firewalls along with repairing errors of coding which gives way to risks.

5. Responding to Threats:- This is something that occurs at the subsequent stage i.e., when the threat gets inside the system. As discussed above, AI is applied to identify uncharacteristic action and build an outline of viruses or malware. It is now that AI takes a suitable step against the virus or malware. The response takes mostly comprises of getting rid of the virus, repair the flaw and administer the damage done. And finally, AI ensures that such an incident doesn’t occur again and takes appropriate measures to prevent it.

AI Is More Secured Than Customary Measures

The customary approach to detect and prevent cyber-attacks did rely on particular software, firewall, antivirus, and similar other tools. This required updating the system and the software within regular intervals. Besides these, it even required human intervention, like deciding the intensity of security in accordance with a website or any of the virtual platforms.

But, Artificial Intelligence is designed taking support from specially drawn intelligence. The main aim is to explore and inspect every potential security threats known. Artificial Intelligence is capable of surpassing the perimeters of human intelligence. It is created to keep a strict watch on the possibilities of any cyberthreats at any point of time. With the evolving of ground-breaking technologies like Machine Learning the support gained by AI is immense. AI has been successfully preventing cyber attackers to get access to the systems or servers that stores priceless data and information

The Influence of AI for Cyber Security

Besides the above-discussed points, AI helps in securing cyberspace in many other ways. Cyber security providers are tapping into the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to secure most of the products and applications. These new technologies involving Deep Learning are fortifying the security systems also. As the results of using AI for cyber security are remarkable, more and more are coming forward to invest in this field. According to a forecast, a significant amount of mobile app as well as software developers are all set to integrate Artificial Intelligence into such products. This means we will be able to experience better and safer use of the Internet. Most of the Internet-related services and products are highly prone to cyber-attacks. So, implementing AI for cyber security can prevent the system to be compromised and detect it sooner than expected.


The customary methods of securing the web world are not enough to respond to the threats of cyber-attacks. The complexity and occurrences of such incidences are growing day by day. The technological advances of the present time which is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning give cyber security an upper hand in securing many online threats. Cyber security is significant as well for many other products powered by AI.

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