How AI Facial Recognition Technology Identifies Criminals?

Any human being is characterized by her or his distinctive identity. The face of a human being is counted to be unique along with other physical features. It is a foremost quality that enables an individual to interact with others. With science and technology improving day by day the recognition of face has gained new dimensions. Nowadays, recognition of a face is carried out by facial recognition technology. It is an approach through which an individual is verified or identified from various digital sources, like the image or video. The face of an individual includesfacial contours which are the main source for analyzing and comparing for identification.

Identifying Criminals through Surveillance

At the present time, the AI technology of facial recognition is comprehensively being applied for surveillance. It helps in detectingindividuals or groups that need close surveillance, usually for lawful cause.AI Facial Recognition Technology can identify criminals at the scene of an event. It can further help in recognizing those criminals who roam free. In another way, it can be a great factor to make the cities safer. This technology makes possible monitoring of real-time data. It does so by capturing an image or video and then analyzes it and identifies it.

Many of the Law Enforcement Agencies use AI facial recognition to recognize suspects from various documents or information available. It is also very important to install the cameras equipped with AI at strategic points to verify or identify criminals or individuals involved in unlawful activities.

Tracking Criminals by the use of AI Technology

The police forces in order to track a criminal from a crowded area can use this technology to a greater effect. First, they need to do is feed an image of the crime doer into the AI-powered surveillance system. The cameras that scan all the area of the city is brought into play. The cameras would be analyzing and comparing all the faces that it detects. An alert goes off if the surveillance finds any match in the crowd. The police officers can reach the exact spot and apprehend the criminal.

The police forces are adopting AI facial recognition which would enable tracking criminals in a less laborious way. Real-time facial recognition boastsincredible potential to prevent crime. As there are considerable advancements involving this technology, it is gradually beginning to extend. To perform accurately this new tracking solution must have access to wide range of databases. And these data should comprise varied faces and settings. The data must have faces of all diverse skin textures, being captured from different angles and in various lighting environments. All these can make the algorithm very precise.

Revealing Masked Identities

When the facial recognition technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence it can provide great results in identifying criminals. During the recent times, most individuals, while committing an unlawful activity, conceal their identity. They hide their faces or cover their faces with scarves, masks etc. In such cases, AI uses deep-learning methods to identify the individual. The method involves mapping of a face with some facial points. The distance between various facial points and the angles are analyzed. This enables one to estimate the facial structure hidden beneath a mask. It is now that the projected facial configuration is compared existing images in the database. Thus, finally the real identity of the individual is unveiled.

This recognition procedure would help recognize an individualmerely by running a scan on the masked face. This would be a huge benefit for the police forces in identifying as well as nabbing the criminals. This technology would help law enforcers to identify individualquickly with the use of cameras installed at strategic points and also from unmanned aircraft. The AI Facial Recognition Technology iscapableof identifyingcriminals or suspectsinmost circumstances. Whereas using other existing technologies it is almost impossible to do so.

Cracking Down Identity Theft

The technology of facial recognition powered by AI also helps in arresting suspects involved in frauds and identity thefts. To identify individuals having more than one identity the image affixed in a driving license is analyzed and compared to other images that are already there in the database. This has lead to the identification of fraudsters and identity thieves who manipulate the administration with stolen identities or more than one license. This is also helpful in keeping the unruly drivers out of the roads and enhances the safety of other drivers and vehicles. Whenever a license of the driver is revoked or cancelled, the driver is not supposed to drive.

A Standalone Device

The facial recognition technologies have taken a huge leap with the influence of Artificial Intelligence. One of the latest innovations that have come up in this field is a ‘box camera.’ It is said to be capable of performing intricate facial recognition process. What it does is analysis of a face in real-time and provides a precise solution. It is stored with various facial features with different kinds of expressions. This device can make a practical approach to identify individuals of concern prior to the occurrence of any incident. If this device is stored with profiles of criminals, fraudsters and other offenders, it might detect a suspect then and there only.


AI Facial Recognition Technology is essential to identify criminals. Facial recognition powered by AI has been steadily gaininga good amount of attention. It has grown quickly all over the world as a worthy reliable solution to identify criminals and provide safety and security. It is not only significantly used by the government or the police forces but by many other organizations in various fields to prevent crime. This technology is said to have many benefits in comparison to other solutions of biometrics. The biometric system of fingerprint or palm print requires human interaction whereas facial recognition need not need any. It even doesn’t require the individual’s consent. Moreover,it is immensely useful to detect criminal activities in areas like the airport.

TheLaw Enforcement Agencies have been benefited by AI Facial Recognition Technology in numerousmethods. It can assist in producingunfailing evidence and facilitatewell-organized investigations. This effective technology helps to collect the relevant data that is required by the LEAs to respondpromptly and efficiently for crime prevention.

Innefu Labs AI Vision Face Recognition System is state-of-the-art Facial Recognition solution is tailored for multiple use cases.Vision empowers the customers to successfully convert mundane and humongous data into crisp, actionable intelligence.

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