How Investigative Platforms Analyze Fraudulent Activities?

One of the most rising challenge in the private sector as well as in the public sector is the financial crime and fraud. It is also a constant and major threat in these sectors. The occurrence of fraudulent activities not only impacts the finances directly but also harms the reputation, trust of clients and market value. Such incident leads to heavy penalties as guidelines gets violated. Moreover, annually near about trillions of dollars of revenues are estimated to be lost. To prevent the occurrence of financial frauds Investigative Platforms play an important role. An Investigative Platform can provide effective solutions to detect fraud and analyze it. They make possible the speedy documentation of fraudulent activities and accordingly put forward actions for counteraction, restoration and final assessment.

What are Investigative Platforms?

The Investigative Platforms can significantly develop an organization’s capability to secure contrasting data and turn it to distinct interactive frame. They are able to relate and examine the information which is necessary for their task with customized planning. As per their pricing and customizing abilities, they can be chosen by big and small organizations. These Investigative Platforms is an effective medium to examine intricate events, create actionable idea for denial and probable proceedings. The Investigative Platforms can turn to be a true objective solution with considerable worth. It can be even a part of other integrated investments to meet a wider requirement.

Investigative Platforms scan data – structured, unstructured both, pertaining to occurrences of financial felonies. They can identify data from databases and other sources like bank statements, different types of communications, applications and mobile devices.

An Investigative Platform must have some major aptitudes to take on fraudulent activities:-

  • To detect fraud related activities, targets and networks, an exceptional Visual Analytics is needed to identify and analyze the information.
  • To maintain the investigation records and keep track of important conclusions and results the tools of coordination and investigation must be well integrated.
  • To possess superior capabilities of data acquirement so that the team of investigation is connected to receive prompt and efficient accurate information.
  • To display reports regarding the results and progress of investigations.
  • To connect the points amid the feed storage of investigation activities performed earlier.

How Investigative Platforms Work?

A right kind of Investigative Platform is competent to recognize and take action to an extensive range of fraud situations. These situations might comprise situations specific to an organization or familiar to the industry. On the other hand, it is necessary for Investigative Platforms to be capable of responding to unfamiliar and maybe unexpected fraud happenings. They must make available resourceful combinations of characteristics to accumulate data, analyze it, depict proper conclusions, perform action supported by outcome, and lastly generate complete information. Investigative Platforms should be an integral part of an existing organization. It is supposed to turn into a component without which analyzing fraudulent activities would be quite tough.

An effective analyzer of fraud applies various procedures. These procedures include highly developed analytics with Artificial Intelligence along with Machine Learning. It is an approach to detect lot of doubtful fraud actions. Any fraud activity detector merges very big quantity of data from both external sources and internal sources. These massive compilations of data are processed in real-time. One such approach applies several methods like database searches, text mining, predictive modeling, automated business rules, network link analysis, exception reporting, etc.

Applying these methods enables detection of fraudulent activities with much more precision. Very often advanced analytics, when integrated with established techniques of detection are able to identify patterns that are both unknown as well as known. These techniques can also be developed with time and later on adapted according to needs.

Benefit of Investigative Platforms

They help to recognize fraud through observing all the related information of customer across every line of organization in a single secured analysis. An exceptional interface of visualization can enable in spotting connected entity and crime ring which is otherwise not noticed. The illustrations of social networking and the advanced potential of data mining make it possible to have a better identification of new threats of frauds. Identifying threats at an early stage can save an organization from extensive damages. The Investigative Platforms will assist to counteract the fraud threats as they also keep changing trends. It would be of great assistance to improve the models to analyze fraudulent activities and adapt it accordingly.

These Investigative Platforms possesses advanced tools which help to simplify investigation and improve the efficiency. With the improvement in efficiency, the investigators can get more time to analyze similar other fraud activities. Working with enhanced effectiveness is a way to generate superior ROI. When they achieve accuracy in such analytics the outcomes are less doubtful. This can lead to higher rate of satisfaction among customers as customers gain expediency.

Investigative Platforms can be a very beneficial solution for Financial Institutions, Investigation Agencies, Large Enterprises, Compliance Agencies and Forensic Services.

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Meeting A New Challenge

The latest form of challenge the Investigative Platforms are addressing is of the mobile devices. They should be able to recognize this channel which is somewhat different from the customary internet banking methods. To monitor a mobile device requires considering diverse operating systems, different types of devices and the applications installed upon the device. A mobile device engrosses a large amount affluent context which needs proper leverage to fight fraudulent activities. The Investigative Platforms need to analyze an extensive collection of data gathered from a mobile device. Such data mainly comprises of device health, history of jailbreak and other apprehensive doings. They can also draw insights related to biometrics and authentication, passwords and PIN etc. They are responsible for safe transfer of the data collected from the mobile device to the server, for undertaking the analysis. In order to depict correct conclusions the specifics of the mobile world are well taken into considerations.


Innefu Labs have created an Investigative Platform (Argus) that examines structured and unstructured data with regard to incidents of financial crime. The system discovers and analyses patterns of fraudulent activities. Argus uses all the data approaching in from a variety of forensic tools and different data sources to identify and analyze patterns of fraud doings. ARGUS is competent to connect communication samples through SMS, calls, emails, etc amid different data sources to perform investigative data analysis. For better and accomplished investigation it assimilates data analysis of Artificial Intelligence with statistical analytics.

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