New-Age Authentication for Open Source E-mail Solution- Zimbra

Emails are a crucial repository of sensitive and confidential data. In any organization, e-mails run the highest risk of password cracking and data breaches. E-mail authentication is often taken lightly, which consequently leads to huge losses and severe damage to the organization. More than 90% user-generated passwords are vulnerable to hacking. 75% hacking attacks in 2015 leveraged weak passwords. Studies have well established the hazards of an only password protected email repository and the compromising nature of the same. With the rise in phishing and social engineering techniques, even a hard-to-crack password is not enough to combat the risk of email breach. Hackers are increasingly targeting mails to carry out insider trading, corporate espionage, stealing financial quotes, breach of valuable HR data and so on and so forth.

Protecting Online Treasure of E-mail Content

One of the most efficient and valuable ways of protecting your online treasure of e-mail content is by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) which is the most sought-after solution for creating an extra layer of security after usernames and passwords to nullify incidents of data breaches. Thus, multi-factor authentication is an authentication mechanism to double check that your identity is legitimate.

Zimbra Collaboration which is a full-featured messaging and collaboration solution that includes email, address book, calendaring, tasks, and web document authoring, is an application that can benefit most from MFA. With more than 500 million people relying on Zimbra to experience top-notch, open source email collaboration at the lowest TCO in the industry, this widely used solution needs to include layers of security for the safety of its users, as being open and affordable, Zimbra fits all markets; small, medium and enterprise customers.

AuthShield – Additional Layer Of Security To The Zimbra

Innefu’s AuthShield which is a Unified Authentication platform can be used to add an additional layer of security to the Zimbra collaborative suite. AuthShield ensures that only the authorized users have access to their emails by claiming their identity which utilizes “Something they know” (Username & Password) and “Something they have” (Hard Tokens or a Mobile device) or “Some they are” (Fingerprint). AuthShield is unique, patented multi-factor authentication solution that works at the protocol layer. It supports hard tokens, pushes tokens, desktop tokens in addition to new-age biometric authentication. It’s end- to- end PKI architecture enhances security. Innovative and effective, AuthShield’s provision of security has successfully enhanced Zimbra’s services for many government and corporate customers across geographies.

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