Prophecy by Innefu: India's Solution for Big Data Analytics in Cyber Security and financial sector

Big data analytics tools are essential in cyber security and government organizations as they enable the efficient collection, storage, and analysis of large amounts of data. As these organizations overlook terabytes of unsorted/un-structured data, a tool designed to collaborate massive amounts of information can help identify patterns and trends that may indicate a security threat, financial fraud, or discrepancies and find hidden information that may be left out from the perspective of human eyes, utilizing following next-gen tool allows us for more accurate and timely responses to potential threats in the investigation. These tools can also be used for monitoring and auditing network activity, detecting anomalies, and conducting forensic studies. They can also aid in identifying the origin of cyber-attacks and tracking down the attackers.

Fundamentals we have changed

The Indian government has acknowledged the importance of big data analytics in cyber security. It has developed and implemented tools and strategies to protect the country's critical infrastructure and sensitive information from cyber threats. One of the key initiatives undertaken by the Indian government is establishing the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (IC4), which serves as the country's primary agency for handling cybercrime and cyber security issues. The IC4 coordinates with other government agencies and private sector organizations to promptly and effectively identify and respond to cyber threats promptly and effectively.

To aid in their cyber security efforts, the Indian government has invested in advanced big data analytics tools and technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to examine vast amounts of information and uncover patterns and trends that may signify a security concern.

The benefit of Investigative Platforms

Tools like Prophecy, made by Innefu, can be used to monitor activity, detect anomalies, conduct forensic investigations and forecast trends, helping to identify the origin of cyber-attacks and track down the attackers. Furthermore, Prophecy follows five models for Predictive Intelligence, streamlining data ingestion, extraction, analytics and visualization following these:-


  • Government organizations and corporates are under a constant deluge of unstructured data in the form of word docs, power points, pdfs, CSV and much more.
  • We leverage this information into our sophisticated AI-driven algorithms to categorize and disambiguate all types of unstructured data into tailor-made to ingest, carry automatic indexing for easy search and analysis, and avail benefits of advanced pattern matching technology and extract as well as create relationships between entities.


  • AI Vision is one of the rare tools integrated inside Prophecy, which seamlessly integrates facial recognition and object identification technology within the same UI.
  • Based on advanced deep learning algorithms doing real-time calculations and matching through big data, in architecture to detect objects and faces in real-time from millions of images fed into the system, extract object features from the identified images and match them together and give a comprehensive intelligence report>


  • Prophecy extracts Intelligence from nearly all open sources, such as websites, social media platforms, blogs, news sites, forums, open-source databases, and much more, using large-scale configurable crawlers. It offers language identification, theme extraction, network analysis, sentiment analysis, entity extraction, trend analysis, and document clustering on the text and visual data. It can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud.


  • Prophecy Avenger is an Early Warning System (EWS) solution curated to prevent financial fraud using ML and AI. It can ingest all types of structured & structured data, bank tx, IT returns, Invoices & PO, accounting software dump and open sources like MCA and judiciary websites.


  • CDR, tower dump and metadata logs are indispensable components of investigations by law enforcement agencies. However, the sheer volume of it makes it an unfathomable task to analyze and draw insights. Prophecy's Intelelinx is a client-server and client-client architecture-based module with inbuilt network analysis, geospatial mapping and multiple report formats. It allows us to ingest data from excel, access DB and .csv for various numbers at a time


In addition to these technical measures, the Indian government has implemented policies and regulations to increase awareness and education about cyber security among the general public and private sector organizations. This includes launching awareness campaigns and training programs to help individuals and organizations understand the risks and take appropriate measures to protect themselves from cyber threats.

According to a study by Business Wire, the global revenue for Big Data and business analytics solutions is expected to reach $260 billion by the end of 2022, making it essential to use it optimally. This helps enhance overall profitability, propelling the industry into a growth cycle.

Overall, the Indian government's efforts to address cyber security through big data analytics have successfully mitigated and responded to cyber threats and have helped ensure the safety and security of the country's critical infrastructure and sensitive information. However, it is essential to note that the cyber security threat landscape is constantly evolving, and the government must continue to invest in and update its tools, technologies, and strategy to stay ahead of the latest threats.

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