Radicalisation on social media

Radicalisation on social media is one of the major concerns in this digital age. Social media platforms act as a catalyst for extremist groups to propagate their ideas among vulnerable communities with the help of images, videos and texts in the form of hashtags, phrases specially to attract like-minded individuals who will follow and spread their information to reach a wider audience. This dissemination of propaganda on social media gives birth to radicalisation. Individuals who are struggling with personal issues, facing economic hardships and politically frustrated are more likely to fall into the trap called radicalisation.

Echo chambers - Echo chambers are also instrumental in promoting radicalisation. Echo chambers are an online space where individuals are exposed to information and ideologies that support their current beliefs. People who are confined to an echo chamber are less likely to come across any other viewpoint. This leads to a lack of critical reasoning and stubborn refusal of alternative perspectives. Furthermore, these echo chambers also foster a sense of belonging and kinship. Social media platforms use algorithms that align with users’ interests and historical habits giving rise to polarisation of opinions and making individuals more vulnerable to extremism

OSINT – To combat radicalisation

Social Media Monitoring – Radicalisation is most prevalent on social media and monitoring the activities of radical profiles can provide us with beneficial insights. This can help law enforcement agencies to identify possible threats and take appropriate action

Analysing online behaviour patterns – OSINT can be used to analyse online behaviour patterns of individuals who may be at the risk of being radicalised. The preferences, interests, opinions etc. of a user can be identified which can help in developing selected interventions

Identifying propaganda and radical content – OSINT is extensively used in identifying propaganda that is being circulated online. Radicalised individuals use particular phrases, posts and hashtags to strengthen their propaganda which when intercepted can help in identifying the individuals

Innsight, our big data OSINT tool built on AI-ML capabilities helps Law Enforcement Agencies and Intelligence Agencies of a country to track and analyse open channels of mass communication for surveillance and intelligence gathering. Innsight is actively helping our clients to identify key actors behind protests or riots, daily monitoring of social media activities, bot analysis, link analysis for network detection and social media reports.

In conclusion, a multifaceted approach is necessary to combat radicalization on social media. By using the right tools, educating people about the dangers of radicalisation and indulging in counter narrative efforts can help individuals and organisations to curb its spread.

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