Real-time surveillance insights beyond images and video with AI Vision

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, intelligent devices have transformed our daily lives. Real-time surveillance is crucial for ensuring security and safety. Innefu "AI Vision" is a cutting-edge video analytics and facial recognition solution that utilises deep learning neural networks to achieve a remarkable 98.3% accuracy. This innovative technology has far-reaching applications in security, surveillance, visitor management, employee attendance, intrusion detection, retail, and satellite and drone image analysis.

Security & Surveillance :

AI Vision enhances video surveillance capabilities across digital capture devices, helping monitor terror attacks, traffic jams, and safety concerns. Its exceptional accuracy is invaluable for national security events, even amid massive crowds. Law enforcement agencies and corporations can actively monitor screens and respond to real-life situations, such as ensuring children board their school buses, detecting unidentified objects, and maintaining uniform compliance in manufacturing setups. AI Vision also facilitates efficient parking space utilisation and smoke and fire detection.

Visitor Management & Employee Attendance :

A robust visitor management system is vital for multifunctional spaces and high-density societies. AI Vision streamlines visitor management by employing deep learning algorithms and an intuitive user interface, reducing wait times for one-time or repeat visitors. It automates entry at events, conferences, and even private residences. AI Vision simplifies facial recognition-based employee attendance through optimal camera angles, lighting conditions, hardware capabilities, and network bandwidth, offering a plug-and-play system.

Intrusion Detection :

As camera resolution and computer hardware advance, traditional intrusion detection methods like pressure sensors, physical fencing, and radar are evolving. AI Vision's algorithms accurately differentiate between humans and animals or intruders and authorised individuals. The system can discriminate by size, adapt to changing environments, and factor in weather changes to optimise analysis. Its deep learning algorithms continuously train with daily streaming data, reducing false positives and providing a cost-effective solution for site protection.

Retail :

AI Vision's retail software integrates advanced video analytics algorithms, including demographic and gender analysis, heat maps, queue formation, crowd behaviour analysis, and customer time spent analysis. With powerful analytics engines, marketers gain unprecedented insights into customer experiences, enabling efficient store space utilisation, innovative loyalty programs, and personalised experiences for high-net-worth customers. AI Vision supports both on-premise and cloud deployment.

Satellite & Drone Image Analysis :

AI Vision's machine learning algorithms excel in demanding scenarios such as defence, police, and traffic surveys. The system can detect and distinguish between enemy and friendly forces' tanks, ships, vehicles, and planes, track individuals walking or vehicles in real-time, and identify traffic jams or motor vehicle accidents.

Case Studies :

  • Banking and Financial Sector - Attendance Management System: A banking client needed a facial recognition attendance system due to their complex's high visitor volume. Innefu deployed AI Vision, resulting in automated monitoring of employees and visitors with improved efficiency and accuracy.
  • Varanasi Smart City - Monitoring Suspicious Activities: AI Vision helped the city establish a video surveillance system to raise alerts on suspicious activities and ensure safety during petrol tank refilling. The system successfully protected citizens and maintained safety in crowded areas.
  • State Police Department - Facial Recognition for Investigation: A state police department utilised AI Vision to investigate cases like protests and riots. The software analysed thousands of videos and images, leading to the arrest of 22 people involved in the incidents.

Conclusion :
AI Vision has transformed visual content by delivering real-time surveillance insights beyond images and video. Its unparalleled accuracy and sophisticated automation is indispensable for institutions looking to enhance their surveillance capabilities and for individuals and businesses aiming to produce high-quality visual content. AI Vision is a game-changer in the field of visual content, whether for security or creative purposes

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