Social Media and the Polarization of Masses: Case Study of social media radicalization on CAB

In the current Digital Age of ever-expanding technology, everything that existed is growing beyond the horizons of conventionality. Online Media is one of those expanding arenas, it metamorphosed into a new age battleground.

Online distribution of posts from various sources has become a convenient and democratic battleground of political agendas. The recent cause of the cyber fight is Citizenship Amendment Bill. The bill has both support and opposition but what makes it a subject of this case study is the immense polarization on the topic.

The OSINT analysis performed using our tool Innsight revealed unforeseen propaganda in action. It was discovered that the issue was appropriated by foreign forces to destabilize the harmony of the country and the government thereby creating internal conflict.

Pakistan is recorded to be the hotspot and point of origin of anti-India narrative, calling India a “Terror State” and “Nazi”. Bots and trolls are being used as a pawn to peddle misinformation and rumours are also being circulated about Police brutality and the concentration camps in India.

The report also highlights the key International influencers and personalities taking a negative stance on the bill while influencing the general public sentiment. In an attempt to not only spread a negative image of India globally but to also create internal proxy war, propaganda videos and information of “Indian Police Brutality”

Furthermore, abrogation of article 370 and Muslim minorities are being used to communalize the bill. It is an attempt to paint the bill in communal colours thereby intensifying the unrest. The bill is criticized not on the democratic grounds but rather the sentiments of minorities are being used and misused to grind their own axe. The result is nothing but destabilization, confusion, and senseless violence.

Find out the complete Report here. to uncover the details of the propaganda.

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