The role of Video analytics in workplace safety

What are the workplace safety concerns?

The provisions of employee safety like a safe working environment, personal protective equipment, policies, and procedures to ensure workers' health are essential for employee management. With increasing need of office/workplace/factory surveillance installing CCTV monitoring cannot cover all the immediate safety concerns. A need emerges to constantly monitor the feeds coming from the cameras and detect unwanted/unsafe activities to raise alarm and alerts.

What is the role of Video Analytics in employee safety?

Video Analytics systems can detect patterns of behaviour and provide real-time monitoring of premises and provide instant alerts to incidents. Video Analytics system manoeuvres artificial intelligence, data feedback loop and other analytics tools to achieve automation and higher accuracy for ensuring employee safety and surveillance.

How Video Analytics works?

VA uses a sequence of algorithms which captures the relationship between various underlying variables and processes the data like a human brain does, VA processes video in real-time and transforms it into intelligent data. It can identify and detect intruders, track people, vehicles and other objects like weapons, and produce an immediate alert to the concerned security department. It can further detect vehicle congestion for better parking management in the office space, crowd detection to alert about unwanted gatherings and strikes patterns. Video Analytics software can be used to detect smoke and fire within seconds. The technology reduces the accident rate and crime rate at a work place while also decreases the workload on security and management staff.


The Artificial intelligence technology has already improved many aspects of human lives; Video Analytics can further improve workplace conditions. Big as well as small companies need to incorporate digital safety mechanisms in their workplaces. Use of Video Analytics can not only make our phones smart, it can also make surveillance smarter and our infrastructure smartest.

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