• Innsight

    Open Source Intelligence solution for monitoring and actionable intelligence


Innsight is an open-source intelligence solution that monitors publicly available data to develop actionable intelligence. Our solution uses state-of-the-art technology, including machine learning and advanced algorithms, to sift through large amounts of data from various sources, such as anonymous web data, news sites, and the deep web. By analysing this information, Innsight can help organisations detect potential threats; protect their integrity and reputation, profile individuals, and gain local insights for foreign diplomacy. Our solution is designed for government agencies, cyber security organisations, law enforcement agencies, military agencies, financial services, and other specialised businesses.

Monitor Public Polarization & Radicalization

  • Examine public emotion and communication themes in many languages.
  • Detecting extremist propaganda through photographs and videos using face recognition and object detection
  • Recognise radical elements using cutting-edge AI-based threat perception models and build their 360-degree hidden network connections with similar entities
  • Identify vulnerable and susceptible communities

Protect Organization's Integrity & Reputation

  • Monitor malicious propaganda directed towards the organisation and suspected "BOTs" driving the narrative.
  • Real-time notification generation for violations of the organisation's social media code of conduct, if an organisation chooses to set up an alert system for trend analysis.
  • Tracks favourable and unfavourable sentiments about the organisation and its senior leaders.
  • Keeping an eye out for groups that may be susceptible to information overload due to propaganda on social networking sites or groups that may be associated with bad faith is also essential.

Country Watch for Foreign Diplomacy

  • Follow vernacular news sources and country-specific social media channels to gain local insights
  • Country-specific procedures to monitor many countries at the same time
  • Support for local language semantics and translation to alleviate linguistic barriers
  • Determine emerging trends, local issues, and political parties and leaders' support bases

Market Segment

  • Government agencies
  • Cyber security organisations
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Military agencies
  • Financial services
  • Private specialised business and others