• Intelelinx


InteleLinx is a framework for analysing call detail records (CDRs) generated by telecommunications networks. It offers a range of features, such as single/multi-number analysis, IMEI analysis, case-based analysis, link analysis, and tower dump analysis. The framework also includes customisable dashboards, intelligence reports, and geospatial mapping. InteleLinx makes it easier for analysts to work with CDR data and gain insights from it

It also includes visual link analysis, allowing analysts to see the connections between different parties, and customisable pre-set options to make it easier to import data. InteleLinx also consists of a backup and restore database feature and is integrated with Google Earth to trace routes.


  • Intelelinx can process CDR/Tower CDR logs in various data formats, including Excel, TXT, CSV, DBF, MS-Access, and others.
  • Analysis of IMEIs for single and multiple numbers
  • SDR file format import of all types
  • Visual Link Analysis for visual representation of the relationships between different parties
  • Database backup/restore functionality Presets that can be customized for single-click data import is coupled with Google Earth to trace routes
  • The framework can process multiple CDR analyses and custom filters for a comprehensive interpretation


  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Military agencies
  • Financial services