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    Big Data Analytics framework encompassing five modules for Predictive Intelligence streamlining data ingestion, extraction, analytics and visualization.

Unstructured Data

Government organizations as well as corporates are under constant deluge of unstructured data in the form of word docs, power points, pdfs and much more.
Prophecy Alethia leverages state of the art machine learning algorithms to develop curated solution for entity extraction and disambiguation from all types of unstructured data of our customers. It is tailor-made to ingest, carry automatic indexing for easy search and analysis, avail benefits of advanced pattern matching technology and extract as well as create relationships between entities.

Video and images

Prophecy Vision is one of the rare tools available which seamlessly integrates facial recognition and object identification technology within the same UI. Users can harness its deep learning algorithms and big data architecture to detect objects and faces in real time from millions of images fed into the system, extract object features from the identified images and match them together and give a comprehensive intelligence report.

Social Media & Open Source

Prophecy Innsight platform extracts intelligence from nearly all open sources such as websites, social media platforms, blogs, news site, forums, open source databases and much more using large scale configurable crawlers. It offers language identification, theme extraction, network analysis, sentiment analysis, entity extraction, trend analysis, document clustering on text and visual data and can be deployed on premise or on cloud.

Financial Records

Prophecy Avenger is an Early Warning System (EWS) solution, curated to preventing financial fraud using ML and AI. It can ingest all types of structured & structured data, bank tx, IT returns, Invoices & PO, accounting software dump and open sources like MCA and judiciary websites. Avenger works at a primary level to find patterns, discrepancies and anomalies through AI. At a secondary level, Avenger deals with finding insights and managing potential threats, frauds and/or a bribery detection environment.

INTELELINX-Call Data Record
& Meta Data

CDR, tower dump and meta data logs are an indispensable component of investigation carried out by law enforcement agencies. However, the sheer volume of it makes it an unfathomable task to analyze and draw insights. Prophecy's Intelelinx is a client- server and client-client architecture based module with inbuilt network analysis, geospatial mapping and multiple report formats. It allows us to ingest data from excel, access DB, .csv for multiple numbers at a time.


videos analytics

Identify suspects using live feed from CCTV cameras.

Satellite images

Automatically monitor change detection in a geography.

Open Source

Track trends & suspects using all available sources on the net.


Extract intelligence from unstructured data and field reports.

CDR/Tower Dumps

Monitor huge volumes of call data and tower dumps of the entire state.

Internet packet dump

Monitor Metadata to track people regularly visiting fanatical websites.



ANALYSE & CORRELATE petabytes of disparate DATA SOURCES

Prophecy Guardian integrates different sources of data and merges them into one repository. The system can identify suspect in a video to their FB profiles & pull a 360 view about them in real time.


Video & Image Analytics

Prophecy Guardian has one of the strongest video & images analytics platform which can match live videos against database of suspects, passport pictures, voter ID cards etc.


Analyse unstructured data

Prophecy Guardian can ingest reports, word, text documents, spread sheets etc. and extract intelligence using NLP models customized for law enforcement agencies.


Predictive intelligence

Prophecy Guardian uses multiple state of the art models to analyse historical data sets and make calculated predictions.



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